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Create a bespoke connection plan

We work with you to develop a plan for connecting all your machines, equipment and devices.

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Deploy gateway devices for your assets and connect to MAIO

We work with you to develop a plan for connecting all your machines, equipment and devices.

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Everything is now ready for you.

Whether it’s creating beautiful visualisations or running cutting edge machine learning MAIO helps you achieve your goals with ease.


Often the biggest challenge is actually getting a hold of your data.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With MAIO’s edge gateway software we can bring all that precious data in from the cold. Whether you want to connect at the fieldbus level with a protocol like Modbus, or you have a shiny new OPC UA server, MAIO can read it all.

Contact us now with your connectivity requirements and find out about our edge gateway.


Don’t strain your eyes with all those nineties UIs.

Industrial software doesn’t have to mean industrial aesthetics. With MAIO, visualisations are as easy on the eye as they are easy to use.

Creating slick, rich dashboards for yourself or your customers couldn’t be simpler with our SmartBoards app. Select the perfect visualisations for your application from our widget palette and let your creativity run free.

Discuss your visualisation requirements with our team now.


Trawling through spreadsheets is such a grind.

Let MAIO do the heavy lifting. With MAIO you have the latest tools to fully exploit your data with analytics and machine learning.

But you are not on your own.

If you don’t have inhouse data scientists, Smartia experts are on hand when you need them to help you get every bit of value out of your data and push your digital transformation project to the next level.

Contact us now to explore how MAIO can bring you insights you never thought possible.

Use cases
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Manufactoring Technology Centre

White Eva robot used for the project


A few of our partners
university of oxford
airedale by modine
BAE systems
National composites centre
Make uk
Digital catapult
Dialog - semiconductor
inno-bi solutions
University of Bristol
Rolls royce
James walker
tech nation


Feedback control

Closing the loop so that MAIO can take actions based on insights (this can be either human-supervised or unsupervised)

Widgets Pack 3

Yet more widgets to expand the SmartBoards palette even more!

in progress


Access MAIO API endpoints from the safe environment of an Python notebook integrated right into MAIO itself.


Easily connect machines with a non-intrusive gateway and get automatic statistics on uptime/downtime and warnings on anomalous power usage.

Widgets Pack 2

Image overlay, notifications list, map view widgets and more in the second MAIO widgets pack .

SmartBoards Access

Control who gets access to individual SmartBoards.


Custom Layouts

Drag and drop widgets on a SmartBoard to create visualisations that suit you and your organisation.

Widgets Pack 1

Line plots and dial view widgets for showing data in a way that suits you.

Access Manager

Manage users and groups, and access to applications.


A gateway agent that will connect to your assets and ingest data into MAIO.

Model Manager

Operationalise bespoke ML models for industrial use-cases.


Explore and analyse industrial data, and generate insights.

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