Upcoming features



Stay up-to-date with actionable insights across your assets and operations

Access Control Lists​

Control granular access permissions across users, assets and data sources

App station

Develop, deploy and manage bespoke smart applications to suit industrial use-cases

In progress


Track asset health using ML, and predict anomalies before they happen

Machine Vision

Connect to industrial cameras over GenICam, and detect anomalies using ML

Data Import

Import historical data from industrial sources to create a unified data store

Recently Completed

Access Manager

Manage users and groups, and access to applications


Connect industrial assets and collect data over OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, Profinet, etc.

Model Manager

Operationalise bespoke ML models for industrial use-cases


Explore and analyse industrial data, and generate insights

KDB+ Integration

Analyse and retrieve large data sets using the fastest time-series database

On-Premise Support

Stay in full control of your infrastructure with complete data visibility and control

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